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Athletic Clearances

You must have an Annual Physical in order to try-out for any team. You must take the Athletic Packet physical form to your doctor and he/she will need to clear the student-athlete for athletic participation. This cleared physical is good for the entire school year. Registration for your athletic clearance packet is all done on line through AthleticClearance.com.

Follow THESE INSTRUCTION to register through this website. All necessary forms are available on the AthleticClearance.com website. You must print out and turn in the following three original signed forms;
1) your Physical Exam Form signed and checked by a physician or PA
2) signed History Form
3) online-generated signed Confirmation Message to the UCHS Athletic Director personally
. Do not worry about uploading the forms onto the website, just turn them in to Coach Asuncion, room 435

If the student-athlete was cleared for and participated in a sport earlier in the year, there is no need to generate any more paperwork. Simply login to AthleticClearance.com and, using a drop-down window, select the appropriate or subsequent sport that student-athlete will participate in. That will complete registration for any additional sports.