Centurions News · Thank you to our Continued Sponsor Kevin Cox Farmers Agent!

A Big Shout OUT to Kevin Cox your local Neighborhood Farmers Agent and Generous Centurion’s Sponsor a Special message from Kevin:
As a neighbor to our local University City High School, we enjoy being a part of our community and supporting students as they grow to their greatest capacities. It is our honor to support our local youth in both academic and extracurricular successes. Our top priority is to encourage our future generation to strive for excellence and live out their chosen purpose. By sponsoring UCHS, we aim to allow interested students to participate in meaningful activities that encourage social participation and internal growth. High school is a stepping stone to the biggest and best steps students have yet to take and discover. We could not be any more proud and honored to provide these young adults with support to help steer them into the direction they all wish to go to. Seeing these young faces in our communities serves as a great reminder of where we all came from, what high school was like, and how we may help now.
What we like to say at your local Farmers Insurance Agent’s Office is “Don’t let what you haven’t done stop you from what you can do”. This statement is a great reminder that there are no limits to what you can achieve and you must always strive to do more. We are incredibly proud to be helping hands to the University City High School and look forward to what your future holds!
Your Agency, Your Neighbor and Your Friend.

                    GO CENTURIONS!!

Kevin Cox
Farmers Insurance
3232 Governor Dr. Ste E
San Diego, CA 92122
License Number: 0M00690
858-453-5400 (Office)
858-458-0931 (Fax)